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Facebook adds music features to profiles and Stories

Facebook is rolling out some new features for Stories, profiles, and Pages, all with a focus on bringing more music to the mix.



Eat Dick MySpace! Screw you Privacy!

Facebook’s got some new sweet sounding features just for you.

Yes, the social network that doesn’t need to be introducing new feature, IS working on a new feature, that will let you add songs to your Facebook profile. Sounds annoying?

Facebook Music For Profiles

The feature will let users add songs to their profiles. These songs will either appear in a new, dedicated “music” section, or at the very top of your profile if you opt to “pin” a song.

Now you can to let your friends and your friendly advertisers, know more about your musical preferences.

People who visit your profile will then be able to listen to part of a song and view photos of the artist. These songs will also link to the artist’s Facebook page.There will be “millions” of songs available, according to Facebook (it’s the same music catalog available via Instagram Stories)

Oh but that’s not all kids.

LipSync Live

The company is also updating its feature, called LipSync Live, with support for lyrics.

Lip Sync Liveallows users to live-stream sing-alongs to a number of popular tunes.

The feature will now be available to all profiles and a number of countries around the world. Lyrics have also been added for a number of songs including Khalid’s “Better,” Dua Lipa’s “New Rules,” and “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5.

Facebook Music For Stories And Feed

Also launching is the ability for users to add music to photos and videos shared on Facebook Stories and News Feed.

Those wishing to experiment with the feature need only to take a photo or video from the Facebook Camera, or grab one from their camera roll, then tap on the sticker icon and select the music sticker.

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