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FOX cancela la comedia Brooklyn Nine-Nine



Brooklyn Nine-Nine

FOX canceló la popular Brooklyn Nine-Nine, una serie cómica protagonizada por Andy Samberg, Chelsea Peretti y Terry Crews. La serie tuvo una duración de cinco temporadas.

La noticia llegó de manera sorprendente, en especial para la fanaticada de la serie. Esto a que la misma gozaba de un gran puñado de seguidores.

A pesar de que los “ratings” se presentaban de manera decendente en cada una de sus cinco temporadas, el programa aún promediaba semanalmente alrededor de dos millones de espectadores. Brooklyn Nine-Nine es uno de los títulos de transmisión más populares en FOX.

Pero al parecer no todo es tan funesto para la exaltada comedia. Algunos reportes en línea indicaron que HULU, Netflix, TBS y NBC han expresado interés en adquirir la comedia.

Dicho salve se le puede atribuir en parte a la gran cantidad de artistas que han expresado disgusto ante la cancelación. Uno de ellos fue nuestro Lin-Manuel Miranda. Este utilizó su cuenta de Twitter para dejar saber su descontento con la cancelación.

Otros de los artistas que se unieron en ésta protesta fueron la agrupación Backstreet Boys, Sean Austin y el mismo Luke Skywalker.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine trataba sobre el detective Jake Peralta. Este es un policía talentoso y despreocupado con el mejor historial de arrestos. Peralta nunca ha tenido que seguir las reglas demasiado de cerca ni trabajar mucho. Todo cambia de manera repentina cuando Ray Holt, un hombre con mucho que demostrar, se convierte en el nuevo comandante del distrito 99 de Brooklyn.

Como Holt le indica a Peralta que debe respetar la insignia, un colega extremadamente competitivo, el detective Amy Santiago, comienza a acercarse al récord de arrestos del policía. Otros miembros del precinto incluyen Sargento Terry Jeffords, el detective Charles Boyle. Por último Rosa Díaz, una detective sexy pero intimidante.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine debutó en septiembre del 2013.



ALF reboot no longer moving foward

Alf appeared on the small screen back in the late 80’s.




ALF, the hit sitcom centered a furry extraterrestrial, had a planned reboot. Now, TV Line is reporting that we won’t be seeing the Alien Life Form from Melmac any time soon as the project i s mostly likely ‘dead’.

“Cats far and wide can breathe a sigh of relief. I’m hearing the proposed reboot is not moving forward at this time after failing to attract a suitor”, mentions the section Ask Ausiello on the TV Line reports.

One of the concepts for the new series involved ALF “emerging from Area 51–where he has been held captive since the original series finale–and observing how much the world has changed since that time.”

Reports indicate that the death of the project is due to networks not being interested. This is kind of surprising because everyone seems to love reboots and remakes these days.

The show originally ran for four seasons and produced 99 episodes. This included three one-hour episodes that were divided into two parts for syndication, totaling 102 episodes.

Alf was a hit t.v. show back in the late 80’and early 90’s. It told the story of a smart-mouthed creature, ALF (aka Alien Life Form). He then crash-lands in a suburban garage, leaving his spaceship beyond repair. He’s ugly, he’s short, he’s got a bad attitude.

The family that found the alien took in the furry creature. He then proceeds to of course, comment on humankind and tries to eat the cat — a delicacy on his home planet of Melmac.

Back in August, word got out that Warner Bros. was looking to make either an ALF reboot or sequel.
ALF was created by Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett. Fusco was also the puppeteer and voice of ALF.

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Netflix cancels American Vandal after two seasons

American Vandal has been canceled at Netflix after two seasons, but it’s possible the show could move to a different network for season 3.



Netflix Cancels American Vandal

Netflix has canceled true-crime documentary satire American Vandal just after two seasons.

American Vandal will not return for a third season. We’re very grateful to the creators, writers, cast and crew for bringing their innovative comedy to Netflix and to the fans and critics who embraced its unique and unconventional humor.”

The news comes after Netflix canceled Marvel series Iron Fist and Luke Cage after both aired their second seasons.

But fans shouldn’t be completely worried. This might not be the last we will see of Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund.

CBS TV Studios, which produced the series, has already received multiple incoming calls from buyers about potentially saving the series with a third season somewhere else, EW has learned.

That would be a first for a Netflix series, especially after the platform has become known for picking up series that would not get greenlit elsewhere.

The first season, which aired in September 2017, focused on an investigation at a Southern California high school into who drew dicks on 27 cars in the parking lot.

American vandal

Jimmy Tatro played Dylan Maxwell, who was accused of spray painting the genitalia at the beginning of the series.

The second season relocated to an elite private high school in Washington, and centered on who was behind a series of pranks involving laxatives by someone calling themselves the “Turd Burglar.”

The series was created by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda. Dan Lagana executive produced the series alongside Joe Farrell for Funny or Die and Ari Lubet, Josh Lieberman and Michael Rotenberg for 3Arts.

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Steve Carell Set as Male Lead in Apple’s Morning Show Drama

Steve Carell has joined the cast of Apple’s morning show drama starring and executive produced by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.



Nearly eight years after he left his iconic role on NBC’s The Office, actor Steve Carell is finally returning to television.

THR, has informed that Carell has signed on for a lead role in an untitled drama series from Apple, which is expected to launch via the company sometime next year.

The the still;-untitled Apple series revolves around the goings-on at a morning show. Carell will play play Mitch Kessler, a morning show anchor who is struggling to maintain relevance in a changing media landscape.

Announced last year, the project was the first drama series to be ordered by Apple and has been in the works for some time with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon starring and executive producing.

Mimi Leder (The Leftovers)is directing with Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights, Bates Motel)serving as writer, executive producer and showrunner. CNN’s Brian Stelter is consulting on the show, with his book, Top of the Morning, providing additional background material. Lauren Levy Neustadter, Michael Ellenberg and Kristin Hahn are also executive producers.

No premiere date has been announced.

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