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A reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street is still in the works! #why

Will Robert Englud be back as Freddy Kruger?



Freddy Kruger

If you thought that we’ve seen the last of Freddy Krueger, think again. New Line Cinema still isn’t ready to give up on their A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

According to screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (Aquaman, Conjuring 3), the studio is still looking at bringing the terrorizing Freddy Krueger back to life and to the big screen.

“It’s still happening. Nothing is percolating just yet. The Conjuring Universe is sort of first and foremost on [New Line Cinema’s] horror burner”, said Johnson-McGoldrick in an interview with Gamespot.

Although the Freddy franchise has hits a few bumps in the road in it’s late entries (especially in the reboot), the writer feels that there is more Freddy Krueger in the future. This per the fans demands.

Everybody wants to see Freddy again I think, so I think it’s inevitable at some point,” concluded Johnson-McGoldrick.

There is no word still on who might play Krueger in the next film is it to comes to fruition. In the reboot Jackie Earle Haley played the crazed child molester. The film went on to received negative reviews stating that the film was “visually faithful but lacking the depth and subversive twists that made the original so memorable. The Nightmare on Elm Street remake lives up to its title in the worst possible way”.

Freddy Kruger
The Freddy Krueger franchise got so big that it lead to a showdown will fellow assassin Jason Vorhees.

We all hope that if there is another run for the ‘Nightmare’ franchise, Robert Englud, the original Freddy, can be back for the lead role.

We can only dream. Can we ?

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