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A sequel to A Quiet Place is in the works

The sequel is set to hit theaters in the summer of 2020.



A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place, one of the most original films of this year, is getting sequel. This should come as no surprise since the Paramount Pictures product was as box office success as well as critically acclaimed film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck were developing a story for the sequel. But now it appears that John Krasinski, the star and director of the film, has come with with the story and is currently writing the script.

“I had this small idea for a sequel, but I didn’t think it would go anywhere. And then I thought, ‘This might really work.’ So, I’m currently writing the sequel.”, said Krasinski in the THR report.

He did not go into details about what could the sequel be about but it has to do with other humans that might live in the same area where the movie took place. Also, he never thought of making a sequel to the hit film, since his mindset was just for one film.

“The thing that I loved in the movie. Where my mind kept wandering as we were making it, was the question of who was on the other end of those fires, when the father lights the fire and in the distance, those other fires light up. How did those people survive? How did that old man survive? In the extreme, these characters are going through, there’s no room to think about that”, The Office star mentioned in the interview.

He then continued saying that “They’re there, there’s an old man who’s about to scream, they just have to deal with that. I think it would be interesting to see what’s going on elsewhere at this same time. To be perfectly honest, it was never really on my mind while we were making it. I never really thought of it as an expanded world; I always thought of it as a one-off.”, the director and comedian detailed.

A Quiet Place tells the story of a family facing struggles in a post-apocalyptic world. The family faces monsters which are blind and have an acute sense of hearing. That is why they must remain silent at (or try to) at all times.

A Quiet Place 2 is set to hit theaters May 15, 2020.

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