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Sylvester Stallone bids farewell to Rocky

Could Rocky finally be heading for a definite retirement?




Hollywood has lost one of his longtime onscreen heroes, Rocky Balboa (also known as the Italian Stalion). This because Sylvester Stallone ,the world-known actor famous for his role as Rambo is saying goodbye to one of his beloved characters.

By way of his Instagram account is 72 year old actor confirm that he was putting an end to the Rocky character. You can watch the video below:

This was somehow a dead giveaway. Especiallyis you have seen the movie Creed part 2. In the sequel based on Apollo Creed’s son the actor puts and end on his ‘rocky’ career inside and outside the ring.

Creed II does not only makes the legacy that the Italian Stalion come full circle. Also the son of Apollo Creed has closure with a pseudo long-time rival Drago. The latter was the person who killed his father. But thanks to the magic of cinema this could be and also could not be the end for Rocky.

In the past, Sylvester Stallone has been vocal about putting an end to the character. This right after the disappointing Rocky 5. That retirement did not last long because a few years later still on came with a sixth installment in the Rocky franchise called Rocky Balboa.

Thart sixth movie placed Balboa, now long-retired, running a Philadelphia eatery and mourns the loss of his beloved wife, Adrian. Yearning to recapture a bit of his glory days, he plans to re-enter the ring for a few low-profile, local matches. All that changes when Rocky accepts a challenge to fight the world’s reigning heavyweight champion, Mason “the Line” Dixon (Antonio Tarver).

Rocky Balboa

Poster for the sixth installment of the Rocky franchise.

The film went on to be a massive critical and box-office success. But at the same time it put another end to the rocky career or so a lot of us thought. That hiatus was legit until Ryan Coogler revived the character inside the movie Creed.

Creed movie was a massive critical success by giving a breathe of fresh air into the rocky franchise. A great spin-off out of the famous on-screen boxer.

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