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Trailer: First Look at the graphic novel Fight Club 3!

In Tyler we still trust.



Fight Club 3

If you thought the we saw the last of Tyler Durden and his Fight Club think again. Chuck Palaniuk, creator of the Fight Club novel has continued the story in graphic novel form. Fight Club 3 will be a 12-issue graphic novel and it will be released on January 30th.

The announcement came with a trailer and a seven-page excerpt from issue No.1 you showing what’s in store for the characters. In 2015 Dark Horse Comics released Fight Club 2.

The story will be centered around once again by Tyler Durden, the unnamed narrator, and Marla. Here’s the synopsis the was released by Dark Horse:

“Marla, her first son, and her husband — the unnamed narrator in the novel, who now goes by Balthazar — live in a run-down motel in a sketchy neighborhood. In the Fight Club 2 graphic novel, Tyler transformed ‘Project Mayhem’ into ‘Rize or Die.’ Now, a new group has implemented a ruthless and deviant plan to fine-tune mankind, leading Balthazar to forge an unlikely alliance…with Tyler Durden.”

The creator of the novel talked about the upcoming story and says it centers around the hazards of a volatile truce:

“Fight Club 3 is about what happens when you need to team up with your enemy. And the situation is even more complicated here, given Tyler Durden and Balthazar’s unique relationship. And, yes, bodily fluids will be exchanged.”

This graphic novel was turned into a movie back in 1996. The film was lead by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Although it was not very successful at the box office, Fight Club went to become a ‘cult classic’ and right there it became a global phenomenon.

Most of the success of the film came by it’s great performances. Also the film was a hit thanks to the direction of David Fincher (Se7en).

(Images via Deadline)

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