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Warner won’t make more superhero films with Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill

There will be a new Batman and Superman thanks to Warner Bros.



Superman and Batman

In a not so surprising news, Warner Bros., the studio responsible for the DCU (DC Comics Universe) will have new faces on their top superheroes.

According to Variety, the studio will no be making more superhero films with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. This means that we are going to have a new face in the Superman and Batman roles. Warner Bros. is re-evaluating their superhero universe, and that future projects involving Cavill’s Superman or Ben Affleck’s Batman are off the table for now.

In the past we’ve informed that Affleck has show little to no interest in interpreting the caped crusader. This following the disappointing film Batman v. Superman and the backlash that came after the release of the film.

That nightmarish curse did not end there for Warner Bros because their other superhero film, Justice League, did a lot worse at the box office last year. Justice League had an estimated budget of $300 million. Those numbers come primarily over a lot of re-shoots and the infamous issue with Cavill’s mustache. The movie went of to take $650+ million worldwide. A number like that is one that Warner was not expecting, given the nature of the superhero team up movie.

These failures have made Warner Bros. and DC to reevaluate their approach to the superhero genre. Since the inception of the DCU, Warner Bros has been trying to replicate the success gained from the ‘Batman Trilogy’. The latter was helmed by the great Christopher Nolan.

The studio is expected to soon recast Affleck’s Batman. Hopefully this will happen soon for director Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman solo flick.

Also, with no Superman film on the anytime soon, one would figure that Cavill wont be waiting to hear about his next Superman related project.

Warner Bros. will now focus their superhero efforts in the upcoming Aquaman film, led by Jason Momoa. And next November we will see Gal Gadot in the anticipated sequel for Wonder Woman.

Are you sadden to see that Cavill and Affleck will not be suiting up as Superman and Batman anymore?

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